Stonhard Launches Revolutionary Flooring Solution Tailored for the Food & Beverage Industry

Stonhard, the pioneer in seamless floor technology, is proud to announce the official launch of Stonchem CIP in Europe. This ground-breaking solution, designed specifically for the Food & Beverage sector, aims to transform and fortify CIP (Clean in Place) spaces with an unparalleled blend of safety, durability and innovation.



Stonchem CIP merges two powerful systems: the robust Stonclad UT, a textured urethane floor resistant to impact and thermal shock, and the Stonchem 800 series, a vinyl ester technology specifically engineered to withstand the harsh chemical exposures typical in CIP areas. This innovative amalgamation combats the common challenges faced by these spaces, ensuring longevity, safety and efficiency in Food & Beverage facility flooring.


Sean McIntyre, European Linings Manager, stands ready to offer technical, commercial and on-site support:


Experience the future of Food & Beverage facility flooring with Stonchem CIP - the ultimate, redefined and long-lasting flooring solution that promises safety, durability and efficiency in every aspect.


                                                      Click on the image above to download the product information sheet. 



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