What is an Acoustic Floor?

An acoustic floor is designed with materials to absorb the sound waves that are transmitted when hard objects come in contact with its surface. Without special consideration to the flooring material, some flooring will amplify even small sounds, creating distraction and an unappealing acoustical environment. Seamless, resin flooring can positively influence acoustics without sacrificing durability and function.

Benefits of Acoustic Floors

Noise. We all know it can have an adverse effect on our bodies. Research has shown time and time again that high noise levels can worsen patient and staff outcomes in hospitals and healthcare facilities and impede learning in schools. Acoustics are a serious consideration for planners, especially in healthcare and educational environments. 

Benefit highlights include:

  • Providing a comfortable and desirable environment for people to work, recover and concentrate, especially in hospitals and schools
  • Reducing distractions in work and study environments, increasing productivity
  • Providing a healthier environment for employees. Noise can contribute to high blood pressure and other ailments. Acoustic floors are also resilient, making them easier to walk on, offering an ergonmic benefit as well.

Recommended Industries

Sound-absorbing flooring can be used in many industries and areas, but are particularly important in areas where comfortable, quiet environment is key to the facility's purpose.

Recommended industries include:

Recommended Products

There are many flooring materials that increase acoustical performance, however sometimes they do so at the detriment of other performance characteristics, such as wearability, stain and impact resistance and cleanability. Seamless, resinous floors can positively influence acoustics without sacrificing durability and function, providing planners with the balance they are seeking. Our team of Territory Managers will assist you in finding the right acoustic flooring to meet your specific needs.

Recommended products include:

  • Stonres - public spaces, healthcare, education, retail, museums and more


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