What are Antmicrobial Floors and Walls?

Antimicrobial flooring and walls have added formulations to help block microorganisms, such as the growth of bacteria, fungi, and molds. An antimicrobial additive inhibits microbial and fungal growth attack, acting as a permanent bacteriostat and fungistat against a broad range of bacteria and fungi. When added it becomes part of the floor or wall withouth loosing its performance properties.

Benefits of Antimicrobial Floors & Walls

Some industries value antimicrobial flooring and walls as a part of stringent efforts to control harmful bacteria within their environments.

Benefit highlights include:

  • Inhibiting microbial and fungal growth as part of an organizations' hygiene program
  • Increasing protection against harmful bacteria where patients and staff are present or where food and beverage products are being produced
  • Promoting clean and sanitary conditions
  • Building a reputation as an organisation that takes action against contaminants
  • Easy installation and permanence within floors and walls. Performance is not lost due to washing or over time. It's also toxicologically safe.

Recommended Industries

While healthcare and food and beverage companies seek out this extra protection, antimicrobial floors and walls can be useful in any environment where improved hygiene is an advantage.

Recommended industries include:

Recommended Products

Stonhard’s floors and walls can be installed with an antimicrobial, organic thione compound that acts as a permanent bacteriostat and fungistate against a broad range of bacteria and fungi. The active ingredient is EPA-registered and contains no heavy metals. An anti-microbial additive will not constrain your installation choices. Our team of Territory Managers will assist you in choosing the best product for your environment with the look you desire.

Recommended products include:

  • Complementary products - Stonplus Protect can be utilised with any flooring system where hygiene programs are a primary concern.


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