What are Sustainable/Eco-Friendly Flooring Systems?

Sustainable or eco-friendly floors are produced from sustainable materials. Floors can also be considered eco-friendly based on the disposal of the materials upon replacement. Poured-in-place, seamless floors are part of the building’s structure, unlike many other products.

Benefits of Sustainable/Eco-Friendly Floors

Installing sustainable/eco-friendly floors will help you demonstrate a commitment to the environment and allow your businesses to meet required regulations.

Benefit highlights include:

  • Meeting regulations and low emissions criteria
  • Making a commitment to a healthier planet
  • Promoting the use of recycled or renewable materials

Recommended Industries

In some cases, there are requirements for industry to meet certain environmental standards, but often businesses look to set a standard when it comes to sustainability.

Recommended industries include:

Recommended Products

Our team of Territory Managers will assist you in finding the best sustainable floor for your environment.

Recommended products include:

  • Stonclad GR - Utilises 25% recycled glass fillers and a rapidly renewable component to enhance the material and make an environmental impact.
  • Stonclad G2 - Utilises recycled glass and plant-based resins. Formulated for food environments to withstand thermal shock and cycling.
  • Stonblend GSI-G - Utilises recycled glass aggregate in the surface of the system, creating a modern appearance, while remaining environmentally responsible.


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