ESD Flooring

Seamless, easy-to-clean, conductive floors for protection against ESD

ESD Flooring Markets Include: Data Centers, Aerospace Facilities, Electronics Manufacturing, Automotive Plants, Pharmaceutical Manufacturing, Clean Rooms, Research Laboratories.

Stonhard offers many anti-static flooring options:

  • Stonkote ESD: Smooth, self-leveling, high build conductive floor system that meets static control properties.
  • Stonlux ESD: Self-leveling epoxy system with static control properties.
  • Stonshield ESD: Textured conductive epoxy floor with static-control properties.
  • Stonclad ESD: Conductive elements in an epoxy mortar system for static control and non-sparking properties.
  • Stonblend ESD: Decorative, troweled epoxy mortar system providing conductivity and durability without sacrificing aesthetic.


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